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'Naked' Natural wax candle in glass tumbler.


A natural unscented candle in stylish glass tumbler with heavy base. This candle is designed for use where scent is not required, where scent may clash with existing fragrances or simply to create ambiance. They can be used in groups or added to other scented candles in our range for maximum visual effect without creating an overpowering fragrance. Two or three of these candles stylishly displayed at a dinner party would create a stunning effect without influencing the taste of the food.

All candles come hand wrapped in tissue paper inside a stylish card box.

Lovingly crafted and hand poured in our studio at the edge of the North Yorkshire Dales our candles are wonderful for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Made from high quality ingredients, natural pure soy and rape seed wax giving them a clean burn.

There is no fragrance with the Naked candle.

This modern wax is 100% natural and free from carcinogens that are associated with oil derived paraffin waxes. Our containers can be washed out with household detergent and warm water leaving you with a useful glass vase/container.

This candle is designed to burn between 35 - 40 hours 


Heavy based straight sided glass container in a whisky tumbler style.

Height 93 mm

Diameter 78 mm

Weight 190 g



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